BAI was founded in 1974 by Principal Consultant Lon J. Berman as a software consulting firm. In nearly 30 years of operation, we have served a wide variety of customers, both government and commercial, in Virginia, Washington, DC, and, in some cases, nationwide.

Our accomplishments over these many years cover the full spectrum of information technology. We have completed software development projects large and small, and worked with systems ranging from embedded microprocessors to large-scale mainframes ... and just about everything in between! We have developed and successfully marketed commercial software for business applications and word processing. We have developed and presented numerous training courses in areas such as office automation, software quality assurance, and computer security. We have analyzed and solved problems big and small covering the gamut of technologies and management issues. Our founder and principal consultant Lon Berman likes to put it this way ... "Ain't no computer ever whipped my butt!"

During the past ten years we have witnessed dramatic changes in the information technology field. Systems have become increasingly complex, and, with the emergence of the internet, increasingly interdependent. Threats to the security of our information technology have increased exponentially. In response to these changes, BAI has become increasingly specialized in the area of information security.

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