Lon J. Berman has over 35 years experience in the information systems field. His areas of specialization include Information Security, Training, and System Development/Integration. He is noted for his abilities in multidisciplinary problem solving, technical and non-technical communication, and team leadership.

For the past 33 years, Lon has served as owner and principal consultant of Berman Associates, Inc. (BAI), the small consulting firm he founded in Virginia in 1974. Under his leadership, BAI has been a provider of information technology services to government and industry throughout the region.

Lon is a recognized authority in the field of Information Security. Among his specific areas of expertise are: Certification and Accreditation of federal government systems (DIACAP, NIST/FISMA, DCID), government security policies and guidelines (e.g. DoD, OMB, NIST, HIPAA), security assessment methodology, and information security training.

Lon is an experienced trainer who has presented training programs and developed courseware ranging from security awareness training to software quality assurance. He has also given presentations and seminars at numerous information technology and security conferences. Lon is also an “old pro” system developer and integrator.

Above all else, Lon feels his most significant qualification is that he truly "loves this stuff".

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